Alcohol and It’s Effects on Insomnia

Alcohol and Insomnia

Today I’ve been researching the effects of alcohol and insomnia.  A lot of people think that a little bit before bed will help them to sleep better.  I used to think that as well.  I would have a few just before bedtime, and in fact it DID put me right to sleep, for about an hour or maybe two, and then I couldn’t sleep or would sleep on and off for the rest of the night.  What I have learned  has proven that to be true, it may help for a very temporary period of time,  but in fact it inhibits us from staying asleep.

A few of those nightcaps can cause us to wake all throughout the night, and leads to sluggishness and a feeling of disorientation and a loss of concentration the next day.  . That kind of broken sleep can be bad for our health.  So the bottom line is that as opposed to what a lot of people think, the fact is that alcohol and insomnia are NOT good bedfellows.  It also can cause dehydration which can be a major cause of leg cramps, and again an unhealthy condition.

Why does Alcohol cause broken sleep?

Alcohol is big part of keeping people out of a deep refreshing sleep cycle.  That just complicates things the next day.  Let’s explore a bit more deeply how Alcohol and insomnia work.  First off, as I experienced, it does make the body fall asleep quickly.  But that is only part of the story.  It dehydrates your body as well.   The result of that is that the body wakes up because it needs water to recover from the dehydration.  That keeps the body from getting an opportunity to fall into the REM sleep cycle.  (That’s the deep sleep that we all crave for.)  Also as I mentioned before it can cause you to wake up in the wee hours of the morning with severe leg and foot cramps.


If you MUST have some alcohol then do it much earlier in the evening and only in moderation.

Find out the Cause of your insomnia.

As I have mentioned in some of the other articles in my blog, there are other more effective ways for you to cope with insomnia.  Enjoy a glass of wine or two with your dinner.  Or have a beer in the evening.  Just give yourself at least three hours before you go to bed.

It’s important to figure out what is causing the insomnia in the first place.  Is it anxiety?  Is it certain medications you’re taking?  Is it too much alcohol?

If natural remedies don’t work, then by all means talk to your doctor.  They can evaluate other factors….. and help you determine what is right for you, but many of my readers and others I know have done fine with natural remedies.

Remember that drinking is a VERY short term solution and will only make your insomnia worse, or perhaps it IS the cause of your insomnia.

Try natural remedies, such as Melatrol which contains Melatonin and other natural ingredients.  It has been shown to help many thousands of people regain their normal sleep cycle.  Many people find great results with self hypnosis CDs or playing them on an MP3 player. Click on the image below to learn more.

Whatever your problem, remember that having a nightcap is NOT the answer.


3 thoughts on “Alcohol and It’s Effects on Insomnia

  1. Jill says:

    Good article. Wish I could find a good naturopathic Dr near Detroit to help me diagnose my health issue’s. I figure high cortisol and/or thyroid gallbladder anxiety I mean its not easy trying to figure this out. I’ve tried many natural things and in the beginning a few antidepressants but those are not the route I want to go on ever again. Drugs suck.!!!! And make most things worse.!!

  2. admin says:

    What have been some of the natural remedies you’ve tried Jill. Were they for Insomnia or some other issue.

  3. Jill says:

    I’ve tried melatonin but it didn’t do anything for me. I tried the “tea’s” to no avail. And the OTC pills with like Valerian Root, etc in them but doesn’t seem to help, unfortunately.
    I know I read that if your gallbladder is sluggish/bad that can cause sleep issue’s also. Its like a puzzle trying to figure out the lying problem. I’ve been like this for 14 yrs now and its debilitating. I have no reserves left and if I don’t try to help myself, I’ve found that those around me aren’t going to try and solve it either. They say they understand, but really they don’t. After all, if I never experienced this myself, I don’t think I could imagine not getting to sleep most nights OR only sleeping a few hours. I would think “how is that possible?”
    I give up many times trying to find solutions. Now if I had money, maybe I’d be cured already…after all..I would have flown to CA to see Dr Bergman who for one really cares about people’s health and two he really knows his stuff and he would thoroughly check you out to find the root cause. But money is what you need for the “real” doesn’t cover any Holistic Docs or Naturopaths.

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