Try the Paleo Diet for Insomnia!

How food affects Insomnia

Can the Paleo Diet help us to sleep better?

We suffer from insomnia for many different reasons. One often overlooked cause of difficulties in our lives, however, might just be the environment around us. Certainly there are some things, such as pollution that we have little control over. At this time of the year it’s fairly common to have brush fires and/or forest fires and so on.  That can cause dangerous smoke conditions that sometimes keep us awake.  However there are other things that we tend to subject ourselves to on a regular basis.

These things can cause a variety of different problems in our lives. One of those things is  eating the wrong foods.  Eating the wrong foods can cause insomnia by throwing our bodies out of balance.  As I talked about in a previous article if our hormones to be out of whack, we will have a hard time sleeping.  This can cause things such as headaches and insomnia.

Eating the wrong foods can cause Insomnia.

Eating the Wrong Foods Can Cause Insomnia

That’s why it is important to carefully look at the foods that you are eating.  Eating the wrong foods can cause insomnia.  All too often though ,we don’t even realize that our bodies are going out of balance.   We tend to simply think that these things are just happening for no apparent reason. The fact of the matter is, if we have some kind of a sickness or a problem in our lives, there is a root cause.  We need to look at the various possibilities that could be the cause.  Many times, of the root cause of insomnia might be coming directly from the foods that we eat.

A good example of this is sugar. Of course we like sugar, but most of us eat far too much of it on a regular basis.   It’s pretty common knowledge that too much sugar can affect our health for a long time after we initially take it in.  Sugar can cause a big imbalance in the amount and the balance of hormones in our bodies.  As an example, the pancreas reacts to sugar by causing an imbalance of insulin. This often causes people get lethargic whenever this takes place.  It can also throw you out of balance and you end up not sleeping well at night.  Hello insomnia!


Do you suffer from Insomnia?

If you are one of the millions who suffer from insomnia, one of the things you should be looking at is your diet.  Cutting down on sugar is one place to start.  You might also remove many of the other things that people consider healthy, such as soy and wheat.  You would probably be surprised to find out that you will not only be getting a better night’s sleep on a consistent basis, your entire demeanor will be changed.

Eat properly with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and you should notice a difference in the way that you are sleeping rather quickly.  I’m not going to get into what constitutes a healthy diet in this article.  There are hundreds of books and articles related to healthy eating.  The Paleo Diet has become extremely popular and for good reason.  Besides helping you to lose weight and remain healthy, it can also help you to sleep better.

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