CBD Oil for Insomnia. Can it really help me to sleep?

CBD Oil for InsomniaCBD Oil for Insomnia?

I’ve seen too many positive things about using CBD oil for insomnia.   I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past week about this.  CBD (also called Hemp oil) has been used for many things.  These include chronic pain, Alzhiemer’s, relaxation, better focus, and of course what we’re interested here, using CBD Oil for insomnia.

The bottom line is can it help everyone?  NO.  We’re all different, and our insomnias are caused by many different things.  However there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that CBD oils can be a very effective aid in getting that solid night’s sleep.

Looking on various websites that sell it however can be very confusing.  There are so many ways to take CBD.  We have vapes, oils, pills, smoke etc.  Let me make it simple.  MOST of the recommendations I found are to use CBD OIL, taken under the tongue, not in a capsule or any other form.   I’ll explain why later, and of course if something else works better for you, then do that.


What DOSAGE of CBD Oil should I take?

Let’s cut to the chase and give some guidelines as to how much to take.  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what might be the best strength for you in using CBD oil for insomnia.

First a warning… don’t expect to get a bottle of CBD oil and expect to fall asleep for the whole night the first night.  It will take some time for your body to get used to it.  The same holds true for just about ANY sleep supplement, not just CBD oil.

The first thing we need to know is how many mg in a serving.  You can find that information on the label, and from the website info.  Let’s say a bottle is labeled 250 mg and it’s a 30 day supply.  Divide 250 by 30, and it shows 8.3 mg per serving.  You can often but not always find the per serving amount on the bottle.

Start out with one serving per day.  That equates to 5 to 10 mg a day to start.  It’s not uncommon for people to feel a little bit of calmness and relaxation within a half hour or so of taking their first dosage.  It doesn’t always affect people like that, so don’t get too concerned if it doesn’t for you.

Is CBD Oil a Drug?

Remember this.  CBD is an herb, not a drug.  That means that it can take some time to build up in your system before you feel the full effect.  Be patient!   2 to 4 weeks are pretty normal before a person begins to feel the full effect.

After 5 to 7 days if you’re not beginning to feel any effect, you can double the dosage either by taking two servings, or take it morning and night.  You’d want to do the morning and night thing if you’re dealing with pain, but since we’re talking about insomnia, it makes more sense to double the dosage before going to bed.  If that’s not working in another 5 to 7 days you can up the dosage some more.

Don’t take too much at one time, 15 mg at a time is the typical amount that a person’s body can absorb at a time.  You can of course experiment with this but use 15 mg as a starting point.  You can take more in an hour or so if you need to.

Does Obesity Affect the Dosage?

Another consideration is the amount of fat in the body.  Fat cells will draw CBD to them, so therefore less is available to the blood stream for the rest of the body.  So if your body has a higher amount of fat cells, you might need a higher dosage than a person with more muscle content.

Another consideration is efficacy.  In other words how fast and how much of it can get into your system.  That is why most nutritionists and doctors recommend the oil.  If you apply the oil under your tongue, then it can get into your system more efficiently.  A pill that has to go through the entire digestive system first.  You lose some of it as it passes through the digestive system, so you might need more mg of an edible form than the oil form.

insomnia The final consideration is the severity of your insomnia.  When considering CBD oil for insomnia you need to consider the severity of the case.  A more severe case might require a higher dosage than just an occasional bout with insomnia.  I hope that helps…. I’ll be putting up more information soon on my blog because as I mentioned at the beginning of this article there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that CBD oil for insomnia can be very effective for many but NOT EVERYONE.  It’s worth a try.


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