Anxiety and Insomnia

Anxiety Causes Insomnia

Anxiety and Insomnia

It’s no secret that anxiety causes Insomnia. Anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand.  Is this you?  You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  When you do your mind keeps racing, filled with a bunch of “what ifs”. True?  In just in the few minutes that it takes for you to get to the bathroom, already your mind is racing with many different thoughts.  Right?

Now you crawl back into bed, with your mind racing so much that you can’t get back to sleep.  So now you lay there wondering and worrying about things that aren’t even in your control.  Now the minutes tick away, and those minutes turn into hours.  Sound familiar?  My friend, you are suffering from insomnia and more than likely that insomnia comes from anxiety.

There has been a lot of research that finds a big link between anxiety and insomnia. They go hand in hand.  As you lie there in bed, filled with anxiety, the anxiety causes your brain to become even more active, and that of course is counter productive to getting to sleep.  It’s a vicious cycle. All too often, this is a normal condition, not just a once in a while thing.  Again, anxiety an insomnia go hand in hand.


Anxiety and insomnia can manifest itself in a few different ways.  It could be caused by situational stress. In other words, it might be an upcoming job, a presentation, an exam, or a move.   This type of insomnia would normally go away after a short while, a few months at the most or until the situation that’s causing the insomnia is resolved.

Chronic Insomnia

Finally, there is chronic insomnia.  Chronic insomnia can be caused by a lot of different factors…. everyone is different.  In this it might require a medical or psychological evaluation in order to find the exact cause.

You should pretty much understand if your anxiety is causing insomnia.  Even the frustration of sleep deprivation alone can compound the issue.

Is there at least one particular event  that you may be focusing on? Could it be that your mind is racing so quickly about what you will do, what you could have done differently, what you could say if given another chance, and so on? These are the things will keep you awake at night, and they are also exactly what can be cured through Peter Litchfield’s program.  Why am I so high on it?  Because this article describes exactly what I was going through, and his program completely took care of my problem.

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