Try Banana Cinnamon Tea and Sleep Well Tonight.

You know the feeling well!

wide awakeIt’s the middle of the night.  There you are, lying awake and staring at the ceiling.  You’re stressed out thinking about work, overdue bills, the kids or a myriad of other things.  You’re trying desperately to get to sleep, but sleep just won’t come.

As we’ve discussed in other articles, the lack of sleep can affect your memory, increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and weight gain.

It gets even worse when you turn to sleeping pills.  These medications are not meant to be a long term solution for insomnia.  Besides that they have dangerous side effects, and can lead to addiction.  They will impair your body’s natural functions, and cause things like constipation, stomach pain, dizziness and affect your central nervous system.


Your body needs from seven to eight hours of sound sleep each night in order to work efficiently.  But you wouldn’t be here if you could actually be getting that type of sleep.

Poor sleep can actually be an indication of mineral deficiencies.  Bad eating habits, stress and poor lifestyle also contribute.

So what I want to present here is one natural alternative if you don’t want to gulp down those harmful sleeping pills.

Banana and Cinnamon Tea

banana teaThis solution is a simple tea made from a banana and cinnamon.

Banana and cinnamon both have soothing properties that can help you to get to sleep quickly.  What’s great about this is that both of them are readily available at your local grocery store or you might even already have them.

How does it work?

The Banana provides you with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and MAGNESIUM.  These minerals will help to control your blood pressure and relax your muscles.  They will help your body to create the proper chemicals to help produce a proper sleep cycle.

Besides adding a pleasant flavor to the tea, cinnamon will help to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body.  High blood sugar levels can also be a factor causing sleeplessness.  Cinnamon boosts circulation, digestion, and it helps you to relax.

So with that said here is the recipe

Just take one whole banana.  Wash it, and cut off the two ends.  Then cut it up into ½ inch pieces with the peel intact.  The peel adds a lot of Magnesium to the mixture.  Add ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon and add to a pot with about two cups of water.  Boil for 12 minutes.  Then using a strainer, pour the mixture through a strainer into a cup.  Add another ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder into the cup and stir.

Drink this banana cinnamon tea 45 minutes to an hour before going to bed.  You can eat the gooey banana and peel too.  It will aid in your sleep even more.  Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and enjoy.

Now, turn off the computer, and read a book, pray, meditate or just sit and relax.